Potential customers who are not native-English speakers are more likely to seek information in their own language first, and possibly English after that. Research in New Zealand shows that only 5% of Chinese households use English at home. Having translated content available via your website will help your business to reach non-English speaking customers. Search Engines may also be different, such as Baidu in China, and Naver in Korea.


BTM will help you to translate content on your website. You may wish to translate selected pages, or the whole website. We are familiar with a number of Content Management Systems, including Umbraco, Sitecore, Silverstripe, WordPress, and other systems. For added impact within your website, we can narrate your videos and/or add-subtitles in a range of languages.


While Google is a powerful Search Engine in many countries, some countries/languages have other Search Engines which are also important. Baidu in China, Naver in Korea, and Yahoo in Japan, are some examples. BTM will help you to register on Search engines that relate to your target markets.


There are a number of blog sites that are developed specifically for a particular language and audience. BTM will help you to translate articles or blogs. We can also research your business on blog sites to gauge customer feedback, or provide you with examples of user generated content which you can then share with other potential customers. Qyer and Mafengwo are examples of powerful travel blog sites in China.


Promote your New Zealand business to Chinese, Japanese, and/or Korean people living in NZ and outside of New Zealand. A cost-effective way for you to develop a web presence in these languages, with associated social media promotions included as well. Visit www.mynzpage.co.nz for details.