social media


Social media channels vary from language to language. Popular channels such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and others are banned in China, but are popular with many Chinese living outside of China. Other channels such as WeChat and Weibo can be used in various ways. BTM will assist you to develop the right social media strategy to target non-English speaking clients.


BTM operates three language-specific Facebook accounts - a Chinese Facebook, Japanese Facebook, and Korean Facebook account. These accounts are a great way to promote to audiences living in New Zealand and other countries. BTM has a range of advertising packages, including ones based around the Chinese calendar and school holiday periods.


Unlike WeChat, which relies on you building your own fan base and regularly posting content to this audience, Weibo provides your business with a way to promote to your own follwers as well as others. BTM can build and manage your Weibo account, including promotion via the Weibo Fanstalk platform. There are various tricks and user habits to be aware of when promoting via Weibo....


An enterprise-level WeChat account aimed at Chinese people in China is only possible if you have a registered company in China. However, an enterprise-level WeChat account targetting Chinese people living outside of China is possible. BTM will assist you to develop and manage WeChat, and/or promote your business via other popular WeChat channels. The challenge is how to grow your followers...


Promote your New Zealand business to Chinese, Japanese, and/or Korean people living in NZ and outside of New Zealand. A cost-effective way for you to develop a web presence in these languages, with associated social media promotions included as well. Visit for details.